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Whether it's a touch-up of the most needed areas or a full exterior repaint, Alyssa Painting is fully equipped and ready to tackle even the tallest projects.


A clean and thoroughly prepared surface is essential to a long lasting finish. We power wash, scrape and apply the proper primer (not all primers are created equal). Siliconized caulk is used to fill all cracks, and we will replace all rotting boards.


  • Sofits and fascia

  • Cedar siding

  • Stucco and Drivot

  • ​Wood siding

  • ​All types of wood replacement (non-structual)

  • Pagodas, decks

  • Windows and doors

  • ​Sheds

  • Garage doors and carports

  • ​Fences

  • Shutters


With proper preparation and the highest quality materials, we will provide you with a finished product that you will be proud of for years to come. In fact, we guarantee it for 5 years*


* decks are guaranteed for 1 year

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